Pes Luchador

33' x 11' Grady White - Captain Domingo - SUNROAD Marina - Safe Harbor

This vessel offers an extremely stable, roomy, and fast fishing platform that can take a party of six up to 100 miles offshore. The Captain is a Bluefin and Yellowfin specialist and has the experience to hunt these elusive fish at San Clemente, Tanner Bank, and Cortez Bank, as well as the middle banks when they are closer. If you want to go for other species locally, this vessel also offers affordable half and three quarter day trips also! This vessel can put you 30 miles to see in an hour, and on the backside of Clemente and 2.5. With plenty of bait, a small cabin to rest, and a toilette when you need it.

Since our start, Pes Luchador has aimed to provide the highest level of service and quality across all of our various trips, adventures, and tours around San Diego’s beautiful waters. Our captain and crew are ready to accommodate your needs and make sure you enjoy your time on the boat.

Our 34-foot private charter boat features the latest safety, sonar, and GPS technology, as well as various amenities including plush leather seating, spacious restroom facilities, and ample commercial-grade refrigeration. Prior to each reservation, every section of the boat is deep cleaned. Soft refreshments and light snacks are provided on board.

Captain Domingo Beddingfield is fully-licensed and has decades of fishing and boating experience on inshore and offshore waters. Since a young age, Captain Domingo has had a deep passion for fishing and the ocean. Enjoy your trip on our boat without a worry as Captain Domingo guides you along.

Watch this full walk through of the vessel in the slip!

Captain Domingo can expertly pilot your vessel to any number of destinations, ranging from Tanner Bank to the local kelp beds.


Side Scan Chirp means you can spot fish that are to the side of your boat.


There is no better way to utilize deck space for fishing than this. Time Proven.


Want to jump in with a spear gun? We have you covered. Scuba, no problem.