Outer Banks

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The Outer Banks is highlighted in yellow on the above map. Your best options for this trip type is the 24 Overnight trip, or the Multi-day trip.

The Outer Banks is a bit of a ride, but if you want the bluefin and the big yellowfin, this will be your destination! During the summer, US waters are brimming with Tuna, and the pre-season and post-season, the Tuna bite in Mexican waters arrives a month early and stays a month after the Tuna have stopped biting in California. When you go on one of our overnight trips, you will be fed well, and have VIP sleeping arrangements. Not like a party boat at all. The beds are much bigger on our boats, the food is much better, and you have a private bathroom with a shower!

Find below our GPS MAP of the OUTER BANKS with all of the spots we like to go.

San Diego Tuna Fishing GPS Map - Outer Banks