sick day

35' Cabo flybridge Six Pack

FULL walk around

if you need to take a tuna from the bow to stearn to land it, you can.

plenty of bait

You can never have enough bait! This boat carries enough for six all day.

top electronics

Brand new sonar and navigation electronics round out the package.

The Last Cast is a well balanced vessel. She possesses both speed and comfort, with enough space for six anglers and a deckhand to move freely without running into each other or getting tangled. The fact that this is a full walk around design, means that fishing off the bow is viable, and if you need to land a big one, you can walk it to the stern. This also spreads out the anglers to give everybody more room. Lots of bait, good fish finder, and top of the line gear guarantee you will have the highest chances on this "made-to-fish" design. Cabo knows how to make a fishing boat, and if you go read the reviews on this model and year vessel, you will see that this is an angler's choice as a solid fishing platform.

full galley

Lunch is served! On all trips 9+ hours there is a free meal included.

stand up toilette

Portapotty? Uh, no. If there is any women aboard they will be comfortable.

lunch area

Nice place to sit down and have lunch, or just take a break from fishing.