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Get all the detailed information on the ten best trips departing out of San Diego Bay. From half day to multi day, all the prices, details, and info that you need to get on the grounds.

A complete and thorough guide to the trips, species, tactics, and expectations of a fall or winter charter. Just because Tuna Season is over doesn't mean you cant still catch big fish!

kid catches giant rock fish san diego
Winter fishing is colder, but no less fun. As I look out my window it is raining. Thanksgiving is past and Christmas is on the way. The tuna fishing season is definitely over. And I say that with a laugh because my customers are still asking......
san diego tuna fishing knowledge
Before you book a six pack tuna fishing charter, here are the ten most important things to think of when choosing the who, what, where, when, for your next private or open party deep sea fishing trip in San Diego. 
six pack open party private party
People often ask me, “Why is going on a private or open-party six-pack charter so much more expensive?”  Im going to explain why private six-pack charters are the VIP ride of the fleet and worth the etxra money, especially if you go once a year.
Giant Bluefin Tuna
2019 was an epic year for Tuna fishing. We got off to a late start but made up for it by having a late-season that lasted all the way until mid-November. What made this year especially awesome was the appearance of LARGE Bluefin Tuna...
Limits of Rock Fish
The Rockfish fishing season will re-open on March 1st! The 2020 season wouldnt be complete without the annual rock fish opener. The great thing about rockfish, is they are easy to catch and delicious to eat! Come read our article about how to Rockfish, & how to cook them!
Fishing Coronads in Winter
Grab your U.S. passport and let’s head south to Mexican water to visit the Coronado Islands. Private Six Pack and Four Pack Sport Fishing Charters to these islands are available throughout the winter months and provide a fast bite and diverse fishing species .
Kid fishing Yellowtail
Frankly speaking, going fishing on one of the large party boats with 45 other people standing shoulder to shoulder. on a Tuna stop can be a bit intimidating, for even veteran anglers.  If you are a youth angler or have little or no experience with fishing, we have a solution for you! 
GPS Map Coordinates
Check the latest feature to our site folks! This fully-featured Deep Sea Fishing TUNA GPS COORDINATE map basically has the top 100+ best Socal local Bluefin, Yellowfin, Yellowtail, White Seabass, and local San Diego six-pack charter fishing spots!