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70' Elliot Six Pack

65'X18' 12 Pack

60' Bertram, Six Pack

55' Hatteras. Six Pack

deep sea tuna fishing mission bay

55' Hatteras, Six Pack

50' CHRIS CRAFT, Six Pack

48' Bertram, Six Pack

48' Bertram, Six Pack

42' Bertram, Six Pack

38' Topaz, Six Pack

37ft Phoenix Six Pack

35' Cabo, Six Pack

33' Contender, Four Pack

30' Boston Whaler Four Pack

29' Grady White, Four Pack

31' Ocean Master, Four Pack

27' Boston Whaler, Four Pack

24'  Skip Jack  - Four Pack

NEW! Six Pack Fishing in Ensenada Mexico

If you want to go far south fishing for exotic pelagics and wide open uncrowded waters, then this is the boat for you. Prices include transportation to and from the vessel by air conditioned van. Optional resort stay over at the Hotel Coral, bring the wife! Once you arrive in Ensenada, you will have your choice of running multiple full day charters, or multiday offshore charters. Click here for more info! You can also text or call us 619.508.7823.

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If you need help picking out your next San Diego based sport fishing trip, let our operators assist you. We offer live chat as well as first-ring customer support by calling 619.508.7823. We are here to help you 24 hours a day. We can go over your departure date range, what kind of fishing you want to do, how many people you have, what you want to spend, and then help you decide you which boats are available, and guide you to choose the offshore charter that best meets your exact needs.

If you prefer to book online yourself, its fast and simple. Just go to the Sportfishing Fleet Page, pick a boat, and then click BOOK ONLINE. You can check availability, pricing, or place an online booking. Don't worry though, if you have questions, we are a call away.

Some things to remember, all prices do include rod rental, bait, fish cleaning, snacks, non alcoholic beverages, chips, coffee. For charters that are 10 hours or longer then one hot meal shall be provided. On overnight and multiday charters, 3 hot meals are provided per 24 hour period at sea. Customers are welcome to bring their own beer in an ice chest. We will provide you your fish at the end of the trip in ziplocks and you can put them in your cooler. If you are from out of state, let us know, and we will hook you up with Five Star or Sportsman's Seafood to get your catch shipped anywhere in the country on dry ice.

On all trips, customers are responsible for bringing a picture ID, Fishing License, and any alcoholic beverages. On trips into Mexico our Captain will assist you in purchasing the appropriate FHM VISA, BioBracelet, and Mexican fishing license that you might need. All trips into Mexican waters require each and every passenger on the vessel to have a booklet form passport that is valid. Charter s going into international waters *where the vessel is outside of the 12 mile mark of Mexican land* passports are not required.

On all trips, our captain and crew is at your service. We are always attempting to make sure you have a great time with us out on the water. If you ever have a question, please let us know. Any member of our staff can help you. Please remember to tip your crew. Thank you.

for parties of 7 or more

60 x 18 Feet.  Sleeps 24 - Max 44 Captain Mike Zayak

46 x 15 Feet.  Sleeps 10 - Max 18 Captain Ping Liu

80 x 20 Feet.  - Licensed for 55     Captain Bill Wilkerson

60 x 21 Feet.  Sleeps 21 - Max 25
Captain Mike Franchak

85 x 26 Feet.  Sleeps 45
Captain Chuck Taft

75 x 25 Feet. Sleeps 35
Captain Chuck Taft

80 x 25 Feet.  Sleeps 50
Captain Mike McDaniels

80 x 22 Feet.  Sleeps 25
Captain Bob Taft

70x22 Feet.  Sleeps 25
Captain Hunter Denette

45' Feet15 People, Day Trips Only


If your party consist of 1, 2, or 3 persons, you should take a look at our open party charters. Click on the links below for pricing and info.

Dont have enough people to fill a private party six pack? No problem! We offer open party four and six pack charters.

offshore TUNA TRIPS:


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Target Species

Arguably the best fighting fish for its weight, and they can get up to 300 pounds each!

Although smaller than the Bluefin, this ferocious fish puts up a fight you will not soon forget.

This is the big one. If you hook up on this you will be in the fight of your life. These fish way hundreds of pounds!

Not technically a tuna, but in the same weight class, it  is known for the best tasting sashimi on earth.

The colorful skin of this fish is iridescent!
It is also known for its high flying antics.

This beautiful fish is an exotic species that you have to target at deep depths.

Explore the Best San Diego Tuna Fishing Spots

The Pacific's azure waves are a siren's call, beckoning anglers to the bountiful waters off San Diego's coastline, where the elusive and mighty tuna await in their deep, cerulean realm.

Thrill meets the sea.

Embark on an unparalleled San Diego tuna fishing expedition, where rod meets resistance and the anticipation of the catch fuels the adventure within.

The region's temperate waters create an ideal environment for the thriving schools of Yellowfin and Bluefin tuna, crafting an angler's paradise.

In the vast maritime stretches from the Coronado Islands to the offshore banks of the Tanner and Cortez, opportunities abound for the tenacious fisherman intent on a prize-worthy Yellowfin or a formidable Bluefin. These pelagic playgrounds, rich in baitfish and currents, are the arenas where tuna fishing legends are born.

Prime Offshore Locations

Within San Diego's aquatic borders, key hotspots teem with sought-after tuna species, providing unrivaled opportunities for rods to bend and reels to scream. Navigating to these fertile waters, you encounter fish havens such as the Coronado Islands and the legendary Tanner Bank; grounds known for productive tuna runs.

San Diego's offshore waters boast year-round accessibility to prized tuna species, elevating the city's fishing allure.

Beyond mere geographic positions, these locales comprise complex marine habitats with optimal temperature gradients and food chains, enticing tuna to frequent these areas. Here, the sophisticated angler can exploit the migratory patterns exclusive to San Diego's marine environment.

Tuna species are exquisitely attuned to the ocean's choreography, relocating with rhythmic precision driven by seasonal changes.

Fundamentally, the migrations of tuna in the San Diego region are a spectacle of nature's calendar, dictated by sea temperatures, prey abundance, and breeding cycles. As warmth blankets the Pacific, schools of Yellowfin and Bluefin tuna converge closer to shore, transforming offshore waters into arenas bustling with finned adversaries. These cycles create windows of opportunity for anglers to intercept migrating tuna as they navigate the Southern California Bight in pursuit of optimal conditions.

Conversely, as the waters cool, tuna embark upon their pelagic odysseys to warmer locales. This exodus is predicated on the tuna's need for precise environmental parameters, including water temperature and food availability. Their departure generates a dynamic shift in fishing strategies, as anglers adjust to targeting the species that populate San Diego waters during the colder months.

Ultimately, understanding the intricate patterns of tuna migration contributes significantly to the angling success in San Diego. Recognizing the transient nature of these majestic fish enables fishermen to adapt their tactics, aligning with the seasonal ebb and flow. Such insight affords the persistent angler a strategic advantage, augmenting the likelihood of an unforgettable catch as they ply the Pacific’s vast and bountiful waters.

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Successful tuna angling demands precise tackle selection to match the notoriously tough San Diego game fish.

If you do not have your own gear, do not worry! All private party charters include rod rental, and open party charters are only $25 per day for rod rental.

To target these formidable pelagics, a heavy-duty conventional reel paired with a high-test line is essential to withstand the power of a bluefin's explosive runs. Coupled with a robust, full-length rod, this setup ensures optimal leverage and control during the fight.

Selecting the correct "terminal tackle"—hooks, leaders, swivels—is crucial for ensuring the integrity of your rig under extreme duress.

Choosing Your Gear

Selecting the appropriate gear for San Diego tuna fishing is a foundational aspect of a successful outing. The region's prestigious bluefin and yellowfin populations mandate equipment that can cope with their formidable strength and stamina.

Highly adept anglers favor reels with superior drag systems capable of handling extensive runs from powerful tuna. Outfitting oneself with reels that provide a smooth yet robust drag ensures that you can manage the protracted battles that often occur with these elusive targets.

Furthermore, choosing a rod with the proper action and power rating is crucial for maintaining pressure on the tuna. Rods that are designed for offshore fishing should have a fast to extra-fast action and a strong backbone to sustain the prolonged strain imposed by these tenacious fish.

Line selection is equally important, with preferences often leaning towards fluorocarbon or braided lines. Braided lines offer less stretch and greater sensitivity, allowing for better hook sets at depth, while fluorocarbon leaders provide low visibility in the clear blue waters, an attribute that often tips the scale in the angler’s favor.

Investment in high-grade gear is an investment in the experience and potential success of your San Diego tuna fishing venture. Quality equipment is paramount to effectively battle and land these prized game fish.

Bait Secrets for Success

Selecting the right bait is paramount in the pursuit of tuna. The dynamics of the local ecosystem demand live baits such as sardines and mackerel, which are irresistible to tuna.

Active chumming can keep tuna engaged. Continuously introducing baitfish into the waters stirs a feeding frenzy.

The art of "matching the hatch" is critical for fooling the discerning tuna. Presenting baitfish that emulate the size, behavior, and abundance found in their natural environment can be the difference between a nibble and a vigorous strike.

Appropriate handling and rigging of live bait are foundational to effective tuna fishing. Securing the hook in a manner that allows for natural movement, yet strong enough to withstand the vigor of a tuna's attack is essential. With a mindful approach to bait presentation, you bolster your chances of attracting these apex predators. Remember, precision and adaptation are "bait" and "switch" in outwitting these formidable opponents. Our deckhands will see to it!

Embarking on a San Diego tuna fishing journey means not just leaving the shore, but immersing yourself into an environment where sea and sky converge. With your own chartered vessel, you gain exclusive access to the bountiful Pacific waters, home to the prized yellowfin, bluefin, and bigeye tuna species. Aboard expert-captained crafts, navigated with precision and outfitted with top-of-the-line fishing gear, the pursuit of these formidable pelagics becomes not just a pastime but a profoundly rewarding expedition. Chartering is more than a service; it is an initiation into a fraternity of anglers who respect the ocean's might and treasure its offerings.

Selecting the Perfect Vessel

Choosing the right vessel is a pivotal decision in creating an optimal San Diego tuna fishing experience.

Ensuring comfort and efficiency at sea can be the difference between a good outing and an unforgettable angling saga.

Expert Crews for Memorable Trips

Our crews epitomize the expertise required to navigate these waters, transforming every venture into a potentially bountiful endeavor. They possess an intimate knowledge of the sea's rhythms, fluently reading its signs to guide your quest for the prized tuna.

With seasoned captains at the helm, success is within closer reach. Their command of the vessel and the fishing grounds ensures an optimized outing.

Indeed, their proficiency in angling techniques positions them as invaluable assets to both novices and seasoned sportsmen. The expertise they provide is instrumental in not only locating but also strategically hooking the pelagic prey.

The team's comprehensive approach includes pre-trip planning and on-the-spot decision-making to adapt to ever-changing oceanic conditions. This agility ensures we maximize opportunities for successful catches, turning hopeful outings into tales of conquest.

Every member of our crew is dedicated to safety and customer satisfaction, operating with vigilance and professionalism. This unwavering commitment translates to a secure and pleasurable tuna fishing adventure, one that reverberates with stories of the sea.

Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that each angler's thirst for the challenge is quenched. Our experienced crews are the cornerstone that sustains the high standards of our San Diego tuna fishing expeditions.

Regulations for Conservation

Adherence to established regulations is pivotal for the equilibrium of San Diego's marine environment. These laws dictate permissible catch limits, gear restrictions, and mandated reporting, precluding overexploitation of tuna populations.

Every angler must procure a valid California fishing license before embarking. This ensures participation in the state's conservation efforts.

Specifically, the Pacific Bluefin Tuna regulations impose size and bag limits. These dictate the minimum length and maximum number caught per person.

Seasonal closures are enforced to protect tuna during critical breeding times. Adhering to these closures supports the long-term viability of tuna stocks.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) actively monitors tuna populations. Compliance with NOAA regulations is paramount for the continued prosperity of these species and the overall health of our oceanic domain.

Furthermore, we hold ourselves accountable to these standards. Rigorous adherence to these measures is a testament to our commitment to sustainable fishing and to ensuring that San Diego's tuna fishing remains world-class.