Catalina island

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The beautiful waters off the coast of Catalina Island are a popular spot for fishing. With an abundance of sea life, it's no wonder that so many people come here to fish. 

Catalina Island and the under water sea mounts that surround it have long been known to be a top producer of Tuna, Dorado, and White Seabass on the backside! The island provides deep ocean bottom structure and the island bottom topography attract fish from all directions.

The reefs in the area are populated by anchovies, sardines, and mackerel. These bait fish attract larger sport fish like White Sea Bass and Yellowtail. The island is heavily populated by smaller but no less fun Bass, Calico, Lingcod, Halibut, Whitefish, and tons of Rockfish. When the waters warm up you will have a chance to catch Bluefin Tuna, and Yellowfin Tuna.

Lots of species

All in one place, tuna, yellowtail, bass, halibut, rockfish, you name it!

Sport fishing at Catalina Island is a popular pastime for both experienced anglers and beginners. The island, located off the coast of southern California, offers a variety of fish species to target, including yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, dorado (also known as mahi-mahi), calico bass, swordfish, marlin, and white seabass.

Yellowfin tuna and yellowtail are two of the most sought-after species at Catalina Island. Yellowfin tuna, also known as ahi, are known for their speed and power and can be caught year-round, but are most commonly caught in the summer and fall. Yellowtail, also known as amberjack, are commonly caught from spring to fall and are known for their strong fights.

Dorado, also known as mahi-mahi, are another popular species at Catalina Island. They are known for their vibrant colors and can be caught year-round, but are most commonly caught in the summer and fall.

Calico bass, also known as kelp bass, are a favorite among inshore anglers. They are commonly caught year-round and can be found around kelp beds and rocky reefs.

Swordfish and marlin are also present in the waters around Catalina Island. Swordfish are commonly caught in the summer and fall, while marlin are caught year-round. Both species are known for their strength and power and offer a challenging fight for anglers.

Farnsworth Bank is a popular spot for anglers targeting white seabass. These fish are commonly caught from spring to fall and are known for their strong fights.

Other species that can be caught at Catalina Island include halibut, barracuda, and various species of rockfish.

The best time to go sport fishing at Catalina Island depends on the species you are targeting. Summer and fall are generally considered the best times to catch yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, and dorado. Calico bass and swordfish can be caught year-round, while white seabass and marlin are commonly caught from spring to fall.

Catalina Island offers a wide variety of fish species for anglers to target, making it a great destination for sport fishing. Whether you're an experienced angler or a beginner, there's something for everyone to catch at Catalina Island. With the right knowledge and equipment, you're sure to have a successful fishing trip.

The Bass are bigger

The calico and sand bass at the island have a reputation of being huge.


Between the months of June and October, bluefin and yellowfin tuna can be had.

Winter fishing at Catalina Island can be challenging. You need to have the right bait and your timing has to be perfect to catch anything. The average water temperature in the winter is 59-65 degrees so make sure you take that into account.

The island offers a variety of fishing opportunities, from deep sea fishing to inshore fishing. The most popular fish to target around Catalina Island are tuna, yellowtail, calico bass, white seabass, halibut, and barracuda. Inshore, anglers can also target spotted bay bass, black sea bass, and kelp bass. 

Bluefin Tuna - The Bluefin tuna is a sought-after fish found in the early summer months off the coast of Catalina Island. The average size is 20 to 50 pounds, but they have been seen at and over 100 pounds. The Bluefin tuna is usually found near the surface, feeding on live bait or jigs. You can also fish for them in deeper waters using your fishing line looped.

Dorado can typically be found in the late summer, when the water temperature is at its warmest. This fish, known for its aerial acrobatics and color-changing abilities, can be seen with a vibrant gold coloring when it's feeling excited. Once caught, however, it quickly reverts back to its silver-grey color while on board the vessel. We have a number of vessels running to the island, all private charters. On these trips you can even fish multiple islands, if you choose one of our multi day trips. The San Clemente, Tanner Banks, Catalina triangle requires a 2.5 day trip. Give us a call and lets chat about it! 619.508.7823

Arguably the best fighting fish for its weight, and they can get up to 300 pounds each!

Although smaller than the Bluefin, this ferocious fish puts up a fight you will not soon forget.

This is the big one. If you hook up on this you will be in the fight of your life. These fish way hundreds of pounds!

Not technically a tuna, but in the same weight class, it  is known for the best tasting sashimi on earth.

The colorful skin of this fish is iridescent!
It is also known for its high flying antics.

This beautiful fish is an exotic species that you have to target at deep depths.

When fishing at Catalina Island, anglers need to be aware of the Southern California fishing regulations that apply to the area. All shore and boat anglers over the age of 16 must purchase a fishing license, with the exception of those fishing from a public pier. It is important to stay informed about fishing regulations as they can change annually. For example, the season for Rockfish species typically closes at the beginning of the year and reopens in March or April. Most other species can be harvested year-round but may be subject to size and bag limits. Stay updated on the regulations to ensure a successful and enjoyable fishing experience at Catalina Island.

Fishing at Catalina Island is a beloved pastime for anglers of all skill levels, from seasoned experts to beginners looking to reel in their first big catch. The island boasts a diverse array of fish species waiting to be targeted, including yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, dorado, calico bass, swordfish, marlin, and white seabass. To make the most of your fishing expedition at Catalina Island, it's essential to consider the optimal times for targeting specific species. Summer and fall are prime seasons for landing yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, and dorado, while calico bass and swordfish can be pursued year-round. If you're aiming for white seabass and marlin, your best chances typically lie between spring and fall. With its rich variety of fish species, Catalina Island stands out as a premier destination for sport fishing enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned angler looking for a challenge or a novice eager to learn the ropes, there's something for everyone to hook into at Catalina Island. Armed with the right knowledge and equipment, you're bound to enjoy a successful and rewarding fishing adventure."<