Six Pack VS Party Boat


People often ask me, “Why is going on a private six pack charter so much more expensive, then say buying a couple of tickets on a big party boat?” I have decided to delve into this common question and explain why private six-pack charters are the VIP ride of the fleet.

head count

When you hop on one of the open party boats out of Point Loma or Mission Bay, you can expect to be joined by up to 20-60 of your closest friends, shoulder to shoulder for the rest of the day. Not so on a six-pack fishing boat, it’s only you and up to five other anglers, and 2 deckhands! This means lots of room. Usually, on the troll, there are between four and five rods in the water, so you will get fish on the trolling hookups all of the time. No more taking a number to get a shot at 30 minutes on the troll every four hours, like you would on an open party boat. When we are trolling, you are trolling. Also, once you hook up you will have plenty of room to land your fish, and a deckhand at the ready to gaff just for you. Overall, you will have a lot more privacy and room when you come fishing with us on a six-pack!


Not only will you have more comfortable fishing, but you will also have more comfortable accommodations. From the big fat couch, full galley, bridge seating, and private stateroom with queen size bed. It Hardly feels like your roughing it! No more squeezing into a 2X6 cot above a loud snoring person!

Did we mention, private bathroom with hot/cold shower at sea?

food and drink!

Now I know what you are thinking, your thinking I bought the above photo off of a stock image site right? No, this was actually prepared fresh by Captain Trevor on the vessel Easter B. The crew are expert cooks and can make you a great carne asada burrito or a mean Sashimi plate out of your just caught Tuna. All food and non-alcoholic beverages are INCLUDED in the price we offer you for all six-pack private charters we offer.


It’s the little touches, like having a personal liaison to speak with, any time day or night, to get information during the booking and boarding stages, all the way to having your hook baited for you and a gaff at the ready. The little things all add up to great service that sets us apart from overcrowded party boats. Once you try one of our private party six-packs you will never go back!


Let’s break down the numbers here. Two go on a decent overnight trip on an open party commercial fishing boat, you are looking at about 200-300 bucks. That price does not include food, beverage, or rod rental. So if you have six guys you have just spent somewhere between 1200 and 1800 bucks. To go fishing on the same spot, in the comfort and speed of one of our six-packs, comes out to about $400-$500 per person. So for about $100-$200 per person more, you get all of the benefits of going on a private charter boat with only 6 anglers! When you take into account your private stateroom, and unlimited food and beverages, the difference is not really that much.

speed and range

The number one reason to choose a six-pack fishing boat is that they go fast. We are talking a cruising speed of 15 knots and flank speed of 21+ knots (for when you need to haul ass three miles to hop on your buddies radio call-in). What this translates too, is more fishing time, and less travel time. Or… even better yet, the same travel time, and extended range. Either way, you win by having more time with your hook in the water.


In conclusion, it is this author’s opinion that life is too short to lose your big Yellowfin to Bubba, the guy from Kentucky, who just tangled with you and cut your line.

Life is too short to pay $8 bucks for a cheeseburger that tastes horrible. They say, you get what you pay for. When it comes to San Diego tuna fishing, I would have to agree. Spend a little more and go on a private six pack charter with us instead, you wont regret it.