Frog Water

24' Parker out of Mission Bay, California


Captain Ian McDonald

Dive into the ultimate fishing adventure with Ian McDonald, your go-to guide for unforgettable experiences on the pristine waters of Southern California! Growing up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I’ve fished lakes, rivers, and streams my whole life. In 2014, I had the pleasure of moving to San Diego, California where I fell in love with the warm weather and clean blue waters. I started with spearfishing reef fish then moved to mastering the art of conventional fishing for Spotted Bay Bass, Calicos, and Yellowtail. Teaming up with my buddy Greg, I furthered my skills in Calico fishing and fly fishing. Through our adventures, we crossed paths with Randy Norris, an offshore angling expert. With the invaluable guidance of Randy, I had the privilege of developing the knowledge and skills as an offshore angler in the San Diego and Mexico waters. As an active duty Coast Guard member and devoted fishing enthusiast, I bring a wealth of expertise in targeting a wide array of species using various techniques. Every outing is sure to be a thrill-packed adventure!! I think the best and most exciting fishing experience San Diego has to offer is for Bluefin Tuna. Picture yourself amidst the exhilarating chase of a Bluefin Tuna, as we strategically position the boat for the perfect cast or kite deployment, witnessing these magnificent 100-300lb creatures leap out of the water to seize your bait. With a diverse range of fishing methods and the latest hotspots, each trip promises excitement and camaraderie for friends and family alike. Join me for an unparalleled fishing expedition and reel in memories that last a lifetime!