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Long Range Fishing Trips - San Diego

Multiday offshore sportfishing is the top trip we offer. These trips give you the time and range to explore MULTIPLE destinations. You can also go to the furthest spots out like the Tanner Bank and Cortez Bank, up to 100 miles offshore. You will enjoy unpressured fish schools that are eager to bite, and fish spots that are uncrowded and have prolific pelagic fishing. All travel is done in the dark while you sleep, both out and back in. When you wake up in the morning you will be sitting on top of the BLUEFIN, YELLOWFIN, and DORADO.

Coffee, Water, Soda, and Snacks all being included. This trip includes morning donuts and coffee and lunch and dinner! All hand made and fresh, Carne Asada, Chicken, or Fish, or by request.

All of our private charter have your private group being taken care of by a Captain, and two crew. Price includes Fuel, Bait, Boat, Tackle, and Rod & Reel rentals.

The only thing NOT included is a fishing license and any alcoholic beverages you wish to bring with you. (Coolers are OK!)

To make a reservation to join one of our open party charters,
please call 619-508-7823.

multi-day sport fishing spots

multi day Target Species

On Multiday trips we will always be specifically targeting bluefin and yellowfin tuna. All equipment on the boat will be geared toward 200lb+ max fish size, and you very well may find it on this trip. The boat will also be equipped with species specific bait, the frozen flying fish. The cotton candy that tuna can not resist. When hoisted high on the kite, the bluefin only see their favorite food jumping in the water. No boat, no line, and no reason not to eat it, that is why its so effective. That is what make these multi day tuna trip so special. You definitely dont find this type of fishing on an overstuffed party boat.