How to Go Deep Sea Fishing in San Diego: The Complete Guide for 2024


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San Diego's coastline beckons the dedicated angler. Do visions of trophy fish dance in your dreams? Embark on a venture into blue waters where marlins and tuna rule the depths. Are you prepared to engage with these oceanic titans? Deep-sea excursions promise thrills and challenges for enthusiasts. Can your skills withstand the test against the mighty Pacific's offerings?

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How much does a trip cost?

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Fishing trips in San Diego can vary in cost depending on factors such as the type of fishing, duration of the trip, and amenities provided. On average, a half-day fishing trip can range from $50 to $150 per person, while a full-day trip may cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per person. These prices typically include the use of fishing equipment and bait.

If you're looking for a more specialized fishing experience, such as offshore or deep-sea fishing, the cost may be higher due to the additional expenses involved, such as fuel and equipment. These trips can range from $200 to $500 per person, depending on the duration and targeted species.

It's important to note that prices can also vary among different charter companies and captains. Factors such as their reputation, experience, and the quality of their equipment and vessels can influence the overall cost of a trip.

Remember, the cost of a fishing trip is not just about the price tag, but also the quality of the experience and the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of reeling in a big catch in the beautiful waters of San Diego.

Yellowtail at coronados!

A year round fishing opportunity. Read Article.

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Prime Fishing Spots in San Diego

San Diego boasts myriad fishing locales renowned for their abundance and variety of maritime species. The prolific waters of Point Loma, for instance, serve as a sanctuary for yellowtail, bass, and a multitude of pelagic fish. Venturing further offshore, the Nine-Mile Bank unveils a diverse ecosystem where anglers can engage in battle with tuna, dorado, and marlin. The richness of these zones is attributable to the interplay of warm and cool water currents, creating ideal conditions for a thriving aquatic habitat.

To the south, the Coronado Islands present an exceptional retreat, where currents and underwater structures offer prime habitats for yellowtail and other gamefish. Seasonally, these spots also become hunting grounds for migrating species, rendering them among the top selections for deep-sea fishing aficionados intent on a bountiful excursion. It’s the confluence of San Diego's unique geographical positioning and oceanographic features that endow these areas with a reputation as angler's paradises.

For Bluefin Tuna, check out our articles on SAN CLEMENTE, OFFSHORE MEXICO, TUNA TRIANGLE  and the OUTER BANKS.

Coronado Islands' Bountiful Waters

The Coronado Islands are a haven for seasoned and novice anglers alike, boasting an impressive array of key gamefish.

These islands provide the backdrop for some of the most exhilarating fishing experiences on offer.

Strategically located in the Pacific, the Coronado Islands are an angler's bastion for year-round trophy pursuits.

The Mystique of the Nine-Mile Bank

The Nine-Mile Bank is a submerged treasure trove, a mecca for sports fishermen.

This underwater bank is a nexus of marine biodiversity. The geographic contours here yield a profusion of pelagic species, a true angler's quarry.

We offer 3 different fishing trips to this location, the half day, three quarter day (9 hour), and full day (12 hour) trips. During the summer time it is best to opt for the longer trips, as the fishing is the best during this time of year, and you can expect multispecies action.

Targeted Deep Sea Species

Starting around March, we begin venturing beyond the local banks and into deeper waters, San Diego's angling community finds itself in pursuit of a diverse range of game fish. These include the mighty bluefin tuna, celebrated for both its fight and its gourmet qualities, and the acrobatic yellowtail, which often test the skill and mettle of seasoned anglers. Offshore excursions may also yield formidable mako sharks, the speedsters of the ocean, and the coveted dorado (also known as mahi-mahi), whose brilliant hues glisten as a testament to the rich biological tapestry beneath the waves. The quest for these prized species involves a deep understanding of marine patterns and currents, making each trip a confluence of both science and sport, set against the canvas of the expansive Pacific.

Pursuing the Prize-Worthy Tuna

In the vast marine expanses off the San Diego coast, the pursuit of bluefin tuna transcends mere sport – it's an artisanal quest, a blend of science and instinct. Anglers must tune into the intricate dance of nature, where only the most attuned can hope to prevail.

Bluefin tuna demand respect and rigor from those who seek them. Precision in technique and tackle selection is non-negotiable.

These titans of the deep possess a formidable combination of strength and stamina, requiring anglers to harness an intricate balance of patience and prowess. To successfully land a bluefin, one must master the art of the chase, understanding the nuanced behavior of these apex predators, alongside meticulous preparation and strategic execution.

The successful capture of a bluefin tuna is a monumental achievement, marking the zenith of a deep sea fishing adventure. It demands peak physical conditioning, expert knowledge of oceanography and meteorology, coupled with unwavering persistence and precision. For the angling elite, the pursuit of bluefin is not just a test of skill; it is a rite of passage, a bonding with the ocean's rhythms, a storied tradition that continues to evolve with every hard-won victory against these mighty denizens of the deep.

On the Hunt for Marlin and Sailfish

The pursuit of marlin and sailfish is an exercise in endurance, strategy, and skill. These majestic billfish are the embodiment of marine grandeur, offering a match that thrills even the most seasoned anglers. Their reputation for acrobatics and speed puts them at the pinnacle of sportfishing quests. March is a great month.

Indeed, targeting marlin and sailfish requires an angler to have significant knowledge of their habits and habitats. Where the warm currents of the Pacific intersect with cooler waters, these predators can often be found patrolling. Keen observation, along with the deployment of specialized gear and lures, is fundamental to enticing a strike. Careful attention to detail, including the selection of the proper bait and understanding the significance of water temperature and clarity, can greatly increase the probability of a successful catch.

Once hooked, the real challenge begins. Both marlin and sailfish possess incredible power, capable of awe-inspiring leaps and vigorous fights that can last for hours. The angler's skill in line management, rod handling, and stamina is rigorously tested, making every moment of the battle an intense and memorable experience.

The victory of landing such a prized catch comes with immense satisfaction, yet also with a profound respect for these oceanic athletes. Marlin and sailfish are often released back to the sea, honoring a catch-and-release ethic that ensures the health and sustainability of the species. This practice underscores the deep-sea angler’s commitment to conservation, cementing an interplay between the thrill of the hunt and the ongoing vitality of marine ecosystems.

The Thrill of Catching Mako Sharks

Mako sharks are the epitome of apex marine predation, embodying speed, agility, and a fierce predatory instinct. Pursuing them requires a strategic approach, blending a deep understanding of oceanographic variables with precision in angling technique.

These elasmobranchs test the mettle of any angler bold enough to engage them. Their sudden bursts of acceleration are legendary, making the initial hook-set both critical and challenging.

Once on the line, Mako sharks display astonishing aerial acrobatics, often breaching completely out of the water. Their powerful and muscular body, built like a torpedo, necessitates the use of heavy-duty tackle to withstand the immense forces exerted during the fight.

The contest with a Mako shark is a blend of finesse and brute strength. Accurate prediction of its movements, coupled with meticulous line control and correct rod manipulation, are the hallmarks of a successful catch.

The exhilaration of reeling in a Mako, with its distinctive cobalt blue coloration and countershading, is matched by the imperative to respect this majestic creature. Ethical handling and potential release are of utmost importance, reflecting the careful balance between sport and conservation.

Ultimately, the pursuit of Mako sharks is more than a test of angling skill; it is a storied encounter with one of the ocean's most formidable inhabitants. Successful anglers carry tales of battle, marked by respect and awe for these swift predators of the deep.

Maximizing Your Fishing Trip

Optimize your angling venture by carefully selecting the appropriate period for targeting specific fish species. Understanding migratory patterns and seasonal habits of your intended catch is paramount, as it ensures a prosperous expedition. Up-to-date fish reports, fish counts,and collaboration with our seasoned guides will bolster your chances of a triumphant outing.

To further enhance your chances, fine-tune your equipment arsenal to match the prevalent conditions and targeted species. Mastery over your tackle, from rod and reel to bait and lures, is a significant determinant in the yielding of a fruitful harvest. Proactive preparation fused with expertise leverages the likelihood of success within the bountiful waters of San Diego.

Decoding the Best Fishing Seasons

In San Diego's rich marine landscape, timing is everything for the astute angler.

Seasonal flux influences the availability of diverse species.

Understanding migratory trends and water temperature is key in locating coveted game fish.

Secrets to choosing the right vessel from our fleet.

When aiming for an unparalleled angling adventure, discerning the pedigree of deep-sea charters is crucial. A reputable charter service is a cornerstone of a successful excursion, directly impacting your experience on the open sea. By choosing a vessel represented by us your can rest assured we have already vetted the vessel, Captain, and crew, to insure that they meet your high expectations.

To ensure a remarkable journey, prioritize charters with seasoned skippers and crews. They possess inherent knowledge of navigating maritime environments, fostering a safe and fruitful expedition. The right crew will tirelessly work to locate schools of sportfish, apply advanced techniques, and employ cutting-edge gear, thus enhancing your odds of a noteworthy catch.

Moreover, scrutinize the charter's vessel and equipment before making a commitment. The ship should be well-maintained, equipped with modern safety gear, and designed for the specific conditions of San Diego fishing grounds. An optimal boat enhances comfort, safety, and the overall fishing experience, adapting to varying oceanic interfaces.

Finally, consider the charter's conservation practices and their adherence to regulations. Sustainable fishing methods matter for the health of marine ecosystems, and reputable charters will respect size and bag limits, practice ethical angling, and contribute to conservation efforts. This dedication to responsible fishing practices ensures the longevity of fishing experiences for future anglers, preserving the marine heritage that San Diego's waters offer.

Tips for a Smooth Adventure

Before embarking, acquaint yourself with the vessel's safety procedures and where essential equipment, like life jackets and fire extinguishers, are stored.

When on board, it's imperative to heed the crew's instructions; their extensive training and expertise in maritime safety protocols are paramount. Be aware of where you are standing, particularly near the edges or when handling gear, as the boat's movement can be unpredictable. Moreover, wearing non-slip footwear can prevent accidents on wet surfaces.

It is crucial to stay hydrated and protect yourself from sun exposure, even if the climate seems mild. The ocean reflects sunlight, increasing the risk of sunburns, while the motion of the vessel can accelerate dehydration. Always have water at hand and apply broad-spectrum sunscreen regularly throughout your voyage.

To ensure a distress-free experience, disclose any medical conditions to the crew ahead of time. Should any issues arise, they are prepared to act swiftly with their medical training. Furthermore, taking precautionary measures against seasickness, such as medication or acupressure bracelets, can extend your enjoyment on the open sea. Investing in proper preparation and attentiveness will facilitate a memorable San Diego fishing adventure without jeopardizing safety.

Essential Gear for Deep Sea Angling

Check out our GEAR GUIDE FOR 2024!

Success in deep-sea angling is significantly influenced by the use of specialized equipment. A seasoned fisherman recognizes the importance of a robust rod and reel system capable of withstanding the immense battle that ensues when a significant catch is on the line. Additionally, suitable marine-grade tackle, including hooks, leaders, and weights, are necessary to maneuver through the water's demanding conditions. All of this gear is included free on any private party charter and is available for rent on open party charters for $25 per day. Anglers are welcome to bring their own gear, limited to 3 rods and reels and a medium tackle box.

Investing in high-quality gear is tantamount to a well-planned deep-sea fishing trip. Terminal tackle should be chosen with the species like, "yellowtail", or "dorado", in mind, as each necessitates a different strength and type of hook and lure. Moreover, safety equipment, including life jackets and first aid kits, are mandatory on board. In sum, the culmination of the right gear fortifies your chances of triumph in San Diego's bluewater battles.

Choosing the Right Fishing Rod

The ideal rod for deep sea fishing must bear substantial resilience, enabling anglers to contend effectively with formidable pelagic adversaries. It should provide a blend of strength and sensitivity, offering both steadfast performance and the discernment of subtle bites.

In selecting a rod, consider its power rating—often termed as "action"—and material composition. These factors dictate how well the rod will resist bending under duress and its overall durability in the marine environment.

The power of a rod directly correlates with its ability to handle specific line weights and lure sizes.

An optimal rod choice impacts fishing efficacy; seeking a balance between the length for casting distance (typically longer for this purpose), and the action for hooksetting precision is critical. Moreover, the handle material and grip design are factors that enhance angler comfort during prolonged battles with trophy catches.

Selecting the Perfect Reels and Tackle

When venturing into San Diego's rich offshore waters, choosing the correct reels is paramount. Select a reel designed to endure saltwater's corrosiveness, offering superior drag systems and substantial line capacity.

The reel's gear ratio plays a pivotal role in retrieval speed capabilities. Lower ratios provide more torque for larger species.

Conversely, higher gear ratios excel when rapid line retrieval is essential, such as when fishing for speedsters like the Pacific yellowtail.

When selecting tackle, prioritize compatibility with targeted species to ensure optimal performance. Assess the drag system's quality, ensuring it maintains smooth and consistent pressure on the line during a fish's powerful runs.

For lures and baits, considering prey imitation is crucial. Employing artificial lures or live baits that mimic local forage can significantly increase the likelihood of successful strikes.

In summary, your choice of reels and tackle sets the foundation for a successful expedition. Invest in quality equipment with immaculate maintenance to maximize your angling experience in San Diego's deep-sea theater.

Must-Have Personal Equipment

To ensure a safe and fruitful deep sea fishing journey, arm yourself with essential gear.

Personal readiness is the bulwark against the unpredictable nature of the ocean.

Your selection of personal equipment can be as crucial as your fishing tackle, ensuring comfort and safety that let you focus on the thrill of the catch.

What is the best month to fish in San Diego?

The best time of year for fishing in San Diego is in September. During this month, the ocean waters are warmest, and there is an abundance of baitfish and other prey that attract larger game fish. Anglers can expect to catch a variety of species, including yellowfin tuna, dorado, yellowtail, and marlin.

In September 2016, there was a record-breaking yellowfin tuna catch off the coast of San Diego, with some weighing over 200 pounds. This highlights the incredible fishing opportunities during this time of year.

Additionally, September is also a great month for deep sea fishing because the weather conditions are typically favorable. The seas are generally calm, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable fishing experience.

It's important to note that fishing conditions can vary from year to year, so it's always a good idea to check with local fishing charters or experts for the most up-to-date information. They can provide you with insights on the current fishing patterns and help ensure a successful fishing trip.

Overall, if you're looking for the best month to deep sea fish in San Diego, September offers a combination of optimal water temperatures, active fish species, and favorable weather conditions. So get ready to cast your line and enjoy the thrill of deep sea fishing in San Diego!

Can you deep sea fish in San Diego in March?

Yes, you can definitely deep sea fish in San Diego. San Diego's proximity to the Pacific Ocean offers excellent opportunities for anglers to experience thrilling deep sea fishing adventures. Even in the colder months!

Do you need a permit to fish in San Diego?

Yes, a permit is required to fish in San Diego. When fishing in the waters of San Diego, you need to obtain a valid fishing permit. This permit ensures that you are adhering to the fishing regulations and laws set by the local authorities.

The fishing permit is necessary to maintain the well-being of the fish populations and to prevent overfishing. It helps in the conservation efforts and sustainability of the fisheries in the area. By obtaining a permit, you are contributing to the responsible management of the aquatic resources in San Diego.

What types of fish can I catch?

There is a wide variety of fish that you can catch in San Diego. Whether you're fishing in the ocean or in freshwater lakes and rivers, there are plenty of options to choose from.

In the waters off the coast of San Diego, you can find popular game fish such as yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, dorado, yellowtail, and white seabass. These fish are highly sought after by anglers for their fighting ability and delicious taste.

It's important to note that the availability of different fish species may vary depending on the time of year and the specific location you are fishing in. Certain fish may be more active during certain seasons, so it's always a good idea to do some research or consult with local experts to plan your fishing trip accordingly.

In recent years, there have been efforts to promote sustainable fishing practices and protect the fish populations in the San Diego area. It's important for anglers to be aware of any fishing regulations and to practice catch-and-release whenever possible to ensure the long-term health of the fish populations.

No matter what type of fishing you choose to do in San Diego, you're sure to have an exciting and rewarding experience. So grab your fishing gear and get ready to reel in some incredible fish in the beautiful waters of San Diego!


Dont have enough people to fill a six pack? No problem! We offer open party four and six pack charters where you can team up with other people to catch fish and SAVE MONEY.

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