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Offshore sport fishing is an exciting and thrilling way to experience the ocean and catch some dinner, while your at it! At San Diego Tuna Fishing, we offer a wide variety of offshore fishing trips to suit every angler's needs. From half-day trips to multi-day excursions, we have something for everyone.

Half-day trips are a great way to experience offshore fishing without committing to a full day on the water. These trips typically last 4-5 hours of fishing time, and are a perfect option for beginners or those who want to add some variety to their fishing experience. Our half-day trips target a variety of fish species such as Yellowtail, Calico Bass, Barracuda, and more. There is no chance to catch tuna on a half day trip, recommend full day or longer.

Three-quarter day trips are a step up from half-day trips and offer a little more time on the water. These trips typically last 6-7 hours of fishing time and are a great option for those looking to catch a little more fish and go further offshore. Our three-quarter day trips target a variety of fish species such as Yellowtail, Calico Bass, Barracuda, and during the summer months even Tuna and Dorado!

Full-day trips are the ultimate offshore fishing experience. These trips typically provide 8-10 hours of fishing time, and offer the best chance to catch pelagic species. During the summer we head offshore in search of bluefin, yellowfin, dorado, and yellowtail. Summer fishing is trolling, patty hopping, and sight fishing. During the winter we hug the coast looking for Calico, Sandbass, Rock Cod, Lingcod, Barracuda, Yellowtail, and other bottom fish, including halibut! Winter is mostly bottom fishing.

Overnight trips are the perfect option for anglers looking to spend a little more time on the water. These trips typically last just under 24 hours and offer the chance to catch a wide variety of fish species. Our overnight trips target a variety of fish species such as bluefin, yellowfin, yellowtail, dorado, swordfish, marlin. This is a seasonal trip offered between March and November.

Multi-day trips are for the angler who wants to experience the best that offshore fishing has to offer. These trips typically last 2-3 days and offer the chance to catch a wide variety of fish species. Our multi-day trips trips target a variety of fish species such as bluefin, yellowfin, yellowtail, dorado, swordfish, marlin. This is a seasonal trip offered between March and November.

All of our trips include everything you need to have a great day on the water, including top-of-the-line fishing gear, bait, and experienced crew members to guide you through the fishing experience.

We at San Diego Tuna Fishing pride ourselves on our high level of customer service and our commitment to providing the best offshore fishing experience possible. For more information about our trips, please give us a call or text at 619.508.7823. We are open 24/7/365!


What kind of experience do our guides offer?

Our Captain and crew have years of fishing experience here in San Diego. All of our Captain's on the fleet have at least five years of tuna fishing experience, usually around San Diego. Many of our Captains have over twenty five years of experience. For more information about the Captain and crew of each vessel, give us a call and we will go over until you find the type of experienced crew you are looking for.

What are the top fishing techniques in San Diego?

San Diego offers a diverse range of fishing techniques for anglers to enjoy. Whether you prefer the thrill of fly fishing, the precision of spearfishing, or the excitement of topwater fishing, there are plenty of options available. Some of the top fishing techniques in San Diego include artificial lure fishing, bottom fishing, drift fishing, live bait fishing, trolling, and more. Anglers can choose from activities like sight casting, deep dropping, jigging, kite fishing, and heavy tackle fishing. With options for various skill levels and preferences, San Diego's fishing scene has something to offer for everyone.

Do you offer Bay Fishing Charters in San Diego Bay?

Bay fishing charters in San Diego offer an exciting and diverse fishing experience in the inshore waters of San Diego Bay and Mission Bay. The inshore grounds are rich in marine life, with opportunities to target a wide variety of species year-round. From the shallow mud flats in the south end of San Diego Bay to the expansive kelp forests near La Jolla, anglers are presented with a unique environment full of biodiversity. The winter months are particularly fruitful for inshore fishing in San Diego, as the cold waters and offshore winds tend to slow down the bite offshore but enhance the inshore bite. Popular species targeted during bay fishing charters include the Spotted Bay Bass, Rockfish, California Halibut, Yellowtail, and Cortez Bonefish, which resemble the Bonefish found in the Florida tropics. Anglers typically use light tackle and fly gear to make the most of their fishing excursions in San Diego Bay, ensuring an enjoyable and successful experience.

What are some other things to do here in San Diego?

In addition to San Diego fishing charters, there is a myriad of activities to enjoy in this dynamic city. Explore the diverse offerings at Balboa Park, which is home to numerous museums and stunning gardens. Visit the renowned San Diego Zoo or catch a baseball game at Petco Park, the stadium of the San Diego Padres. Families can have a blast at LEGOLAND California or SeaWorld San Diego. For a more relaxing outing, bask in the beauty of La Jolla Cove or Coronado Island beaches. Indulge in delectable Mexican cuisine in neighborhoods like Old Town and Barrio Logan.

Do I need a San Diego fishing license and what are the bag limits in San Diego?

In San Diego, it is important to have a fishing license before engaging in any fishing activity. Additionally, being aware of the bag limits for target species and the fishing season regulations is crucial to ensure compliance with local laws. If you are unsure about the specific requirements, your fishing guide can provide you with the necessary information to follow the rules and regulations in San Diego.

What types of fishing charters are common in San Diego?

In San Diego, various types of fishing charters are popular, catering to different preferences and experiences. Deep-sea fishing excursions are commonly enjoyed, allowing anglers to venture far offshore in pursuit of prized catches. Additionally, nearshore and inshore fishing charters provide opportunities for a diverse range of fishing experiences closer to the shore. These charters often target species such as yellowtail amberjack, rockfish, halibut, and yellowfin tuna, which are especially sought after in San Diego waters. Popular fishing techniques employed on these charters include trolling, bottom fishing, and light tackle fishing, with options for heavy tackle fishing and artificial lure fishing also available to cater to a variety of fishing preferences.

What are the best fishing charters in San Diego?

Right now, our most popular twelve passenger class vessel is the Patriot, with Captain Roman. Long timers Nomad (with Captain Mike) and Nautilus (with Captain Trevor) round out the six packs, and Reel Deep and Reel Life head up the four packs in popularity.

What amenities are offered on the fishing vessels?

Passengers on the fishing vessels can enjoy a seamless blend of sport fishing excitement and ocean serenity, with the guarantee of a secure and comfortable voyage. The vessels boast state-of-the-art amenities that cater to anglers of all skill levels, ensuring a top-notch experience during their fishing trip. Sonar, high quality rods and reels, sturdy tackle and equipment, sea worth boats... thats our guarantee.

What is deep-sea and offshore fishing like in San Diego?

Embark on an exhilarating deep-sea fishing adventure with San Diego Tuna Fishing, where the thrill of the ocean meets the satisfaction of reeling in your catch. Our range of offshore fishing trips caters to anglers of all levels, ensuring an unforgettable experience on the water. Half-day trips provide a taste of offshore fishing in a 4-5 hour excursion, perfect for beginners or those seeking a shorter outing. Step up to our three-quarter day trips for 6-7 hours of fishing, offering more time to target pelagic species like bluefin, yellowfin, dorado, and yellowtail. For the ultimate deep-sea fishing experience, opt for our full-day trips with 8-10 hours of fishing time, increasing your chances of landing prized catches. Looking for an extended adventure? Our overnight and multi-day trips are tailored for anglers seeking a prolonged fishing escapade, targeting a diverse range of species including bluefin, yellowfin, yellowtail, dorado, swordfish, and marlin. 

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