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headed south!

Grab your U.S. passport and let’s head south to Mexican water to visit Islas Coronado (The Coronado Islands). Private Six Pack and Four Pack Sport Fishing Charters to these islands are available throughout the winter months and provide a fast bite and diverse fishing species when U.S. waters are cold and the fishing is slow. This is what makes it such a popular destination for American anglers! There is some prep work to be done before you go though!

Don't have enough people to fill a six pack? No problem! We offer open party four and six pack charters where you can team up with other people to catch fish and SAVE MONEY.
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Get your Mexican Fishing License and Bio-Bracelet

You will need to obtain your Mexican Fishing permit HERE, and be sure to also obtain the BIO BRACELET that is optional in the check out process. Check with your Captain to make sure that you have the right paperwork in hand before you go. And, let me reiterate this, you MUST have a CURRENT U.S. PASSPORT in hand to go on this trip. We check and so does the Mexican Navy.

Ok, now lets talk yellowtail fishing.

The great thing about fishing the Coronado Islands is the variety! If you have ever heard the old fishing saying, “you never know what you might catch!”, it definitely applies to fishing here. Generally speaking, the boat pressure here is almost non-existent in winter months and this can greatly increase your chances for catching a better grade of fish. My theory is that this also plays a role in the other big attraction to this spot, year-round yellowtail. Now Im not saying your going to see wide open Yellow Tail bite in March, but there is definitely a chance you might hook one or two in a days fishing, even in the colder months.


If you want to fish the bottom, you are going to catch a lot of Rock Cod and various Rock Fish, even if you make the slightest effort to fish off the numerous bottom spots littered around the island. Just North of the island, in about 200 ft of water, we know a spot that produces crazy amounts of Rock Cod, Lingcod, and the occasional Yellowtail.

As many as you want, fish tacos for DAYS! But Yellow Tail and Rock Cod are not the only fish to be had here, you can also find a good fishery of Halibut and Lingcod too! Not as plentiful as the rock fish, but definitely more than you would find in any spot north of the border.

We hope you enjoyed this article about six-pack charter fishing in Mexico and if you are interested, we have ¾ day and full-day trips available to take you!

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