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The fish you see furthest back was close to 300 pounds and was the biggest bluefin we caught all summer. Landed in late August, this monster put up a 3-hour fight, and the lucky angler who caught this fish was outweighed by his catch by almost 140 lbs. This was caught on the vessel Avery Rose, by Captain Reeve, one of our very competent USCG certified Captains!


Can you say WIDE OPEN TUNA! The day this picture was taken all six anglers had limits by noon and came home early, exhausted and full. Captain Trevor turned one of these fish into a fresh plate of Sashimi on the way home! The best months to catch limits are July, August, September. Best trips to choose are 12 Hour Full Day Charter to get you out there.

Don't have enough people to fill a six pack? No problem! We offer open party four and six pack charters where you can team up with other people to catch fish and SAVE MONEY.
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bluefin sashimi

I know right? Worth the price of admission alone. When anglers return to the dock we have Five Starfish processing handle your fish for you. They can put it on dry ice and ship your tuna anywhere in the U.S. they are highly recommended. If you prefer, our trips also include carne asada tacos!

john wayne here

Another nice tuna lands on the deck. The angler who caught it is leaning nonchalantly on the rail as Captain Mike Sorr shows off the fish for the camera. This fish was caught around the Cortez Bank, which is located about 100 miles straight out of San Diego, some distance past the San Clemente Islands.

on the deck!

The vibrant colors of this just caught Yellowfin Tuna are beautiful, and this is a trophy to be proud of. Another happy customer. The Easter B again!

Look at the smile!

Weighing in at over 100lbs, this Blue Fin caught aboard the Nomad is definitely going to leave an impression on this young angler, who landed it by himself with only gaff assistance.

san clemente

Here is a picture of the Southside of San Clemente Island near China Point. The fishing is always good on the overnight San Clemente trip. Basically in every direction, the water gets really deep really fast, and the slope of the ocean floor is very sharp, bringing forward a variety of baitfish which the bluefin chase.

almost go time

The Easter B is preparing to load customers at 9pm to depart. When customers embark on one of our 24-hour trips to San Clemente, Tanner Bank, Cortez Bank, or south into Mexican waters, the departure time is always at around 9pm. This is to allow you to travel all night and wake up on the spot, 100 miles away, ready to fish. You fish until sundown, and then your home again by 9pm, exactly 24 hours after you left.

Well, there you have it. Now on to 20234. We now live in the future. :)