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Four Pack Fishing vs Open Party Cattle Boats and Six Pack Boats

Fishing is a beloved pastime for many, and there are a variety of different ways to experience it. Three popular options are four pack fishing, and open party cattle boats, or six pack boats. While both have their own advantages, four pack fishing has several distinct benefits that make it a superior choice for those looking for a truly exceptional fishing experience. 

One of the biggest advantages of four pack fishing is that it typically has the fastest boats in the fleet. This allows for less travel time and more time spent actually fishing. This is especially beneficial for those who are looking to maximize their time on the water and catch as many fish as possible.

Another advantage of four pack fishing is that there are typically only up to four people, including the Captain, on the boat. This allows for a more intimate and personalized experience, as well as providing a much more comfortable fishing experience. If you want one on one help and guidance, this is THE best option. The Captain will personally help out beginners, and team up with veteran anglers to fill the boat with fish.

In contrast, open party cattle boats can have significantly more people on them, like 30 or more, which can make for a crowded and less comfortable experience. Additionally, with more people on the boat, there is often less room to move around and less space for each individual to fish.

Another advantage of four pack fishing is that it often allows for more fishing time. This is because four pack boats are typically smaller and faster, which allows for more time spent on the water. Additionally, with fewer people on the boat, there is often less time spent waiting for other individuals to reel in their fish.

Due to their unrivaled speed you get RANGE. Four pack fishing vessels are able to go further out during a single trip than any other boat in our fleet. The only class of vessels that can put you on the backside of San Clemente, which is 90 miles away, and have you home for dinner, is the four pack fleet.

All of the four pack boats we offer are between 27 and 36 feet and typically run outboard drives. All four packs we offer come with a head, and include water and soda. Please BYOB and if you want snacks or a bag lunch, feel welcome to bring it. With faster boats, less travel time, more fishing time, and a more intimate and personalized experience, four pack fishing offers a truly unparalleled experience for those who love fishing.

If you want to try out OPEN PARTY FOUR PACK FISHING, we now offer that at our new website, www.sandiegopartyboatfishing.com. Give it a try!