Reel Deep

Welcome Aboard our Contender 32ST

Join us in a memorable Offshore adventure onboard this fast, well layed out four pack. 

This vessel offers a fast and dry ride and an amazing deck layout with room for four. Contender is an american made boat manufacturer that is well known for making a sturdy hull. The "Reel Deep" has over 400 miles range for our longest Offshore trips.


Captain Sebastien is passionate of fishing and started with inshore fishing in Europe, Canada then East Tennessee and North Carolina. He got hooked to Offshore fishing after he moved to San Diego and has been a boat master for many years.

Captain Austin is a legend when it comes to offshore spearfishing in our local waters. His knowledge of the elements will give you the best chance to target your SoCal trophy fish in a safe environment and realize your craziest dreams.

Captain "Matty" has been a local Rod & Reel and Spearfishing fisherman since birth. Him and his wife spend their time off exploring our local waters for new fishing records!  He will take you on an Offshore adventure of a life time. ​

​On August 21th 2022 the Captain Matty, his wife Tracy and their friend and cameraman Derik went out 100 miles Offshore in order for Tracy to earn the Female World Record of Bluefin Tuna Spearfishing with a Official wait of 196.2 lbs.

Congrats Tracy! Great job Matty!
Amazing shots Derik!

This fast and nimble vessel is setup to go after Bluefin, Yellowfin, Dorado, Yellowtail. By way of line and hook, or snorkel and gun, take your pick. Able to put your far offshore faster than you can zip up your wetsuit, and capable of carrying enough bait if you want to fish with traditional methods.

This boat is an all around fishing machine. Offering half day, three quarter day, full day, and extended full day offshore pelagic fishing trips. To get more information or to book today, please text or call us at 619.508.7823. 10% books it! 

The Finest Fishing Experience

The "Reel Deep" Contender 32ST will take you on an adventure of a life time for your craziest fishing dream!