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60ft Bertram - 6 berths, 3 showers, and 3 heads

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This classic 60 foot Bertram has a huge amount of room while at the same time bringing the essentials to a well rounded fishing platform. A total of six berths insures every angler on this boat has a private spot to get some shut eye, and with showers and plenty of hot water at sea, you can clean off after a long days hunt. There will never be a line for the head either, there are three.

But these creature comforts are not what makes a hard core fishing machine, things like a huge bait tank, fish holds, long range capability, and side scan sonar are what really make the difference.

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Huge aft cockpit

Six guys, pffff, no problem!

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 Call 619.508.7823 or LIVE CHAT.

 Call 619.508.7823 or LIVE CHAT.