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38 Foot Bertram Six Pack Sport Fisher out of Point Loma

ride in style and comfort

Our 38' Bertram Flybridge is the perfect six pack to take for local and close range overnight trips. Set up from the ground up as a fishing machine, you will find that this boat has a well rounded compliment of gear, electronics, tackle, and amenities, that will make your trip fun and memorable. Fuel efficient, fast, and economical... this boat will provide you with the best bang for the buck of any boat in our fleet. Because it comes in at just over 38 feet, that means it will provide a stable fishing platform, even in not so clean conditions, at the same time offering you a comfy cabin to retreat into should you need it.

Sleeps four anglers

If you want an inexpensive overnight four pack that can put you out there, you found it. With one master queen up front, and comfy spots for everyone else, this is a perfect boat to choose for an overnighter.


When you have been at sea for 12 hours or more, having a nice cabin to get out of the sun and relax is very nice. Sit down, relax, and have a beer, then head back out to the aft deck and get back to work!


Anybody that has hooked a large tuna on the bow of a boat, knows how important it is to be able to walk the fish to the back of the boat. This feature also opens the front deck for fishing, giving a lot more room.

down to business

The aft deck size for this vessel is quite good, and six guys fishing here is doable, or better yet, send two anglers to the bow and put four on the back deck, this is the ideal setup for this boat. Plenty of bait, padded waist high rails, adequate fish storage, and a non grip floor round out the features of this efficient and stable boat. Also you will find a small tackle area and tackle storage box on the starboard side. This vessel can troll five lines out if needed and has a tuna door to pull the big one in, when you catch it.

Large Bow

Accessible via the walk around layout of this boat, this feature adds a lot of room to the fishable are of the boat. Two anglers in front, four in back, thats the setup.

Comfortable Sleeping

Anybody that has ever been on an overnight trip can tell you the importance of getting a good night sleep. These comfortable bunks will insure you are ready to go.

Nice Galley

Soda's, snacks, and a cold fridge to put your beer. What more can you ask? On longer trips meals are prepared for you and included in the price of the trip.

Enclosed Bridge

Providing additional seating space and a great view, you can hang out up here with binoculars and help the crew look for fish and diving birds, out of the wind and elements.