28' parker 4-Pack

Offshore Deep Sea Blue Water Private Four Pack Charter
Sportfishing out of H&M Landing in Point Loma

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Captain Trevor. Bluefin specialist!

Using Frozen Flying Fish

Caught on the kite!

Another day, another blue fin.

Over 300lbs!

This vessel is a fiberglass 28 foot Parker fully equipped to fish local banks with a range of 250 miles. Its also known as a "Pilothouse" because of the cabin which contains the cockpit and 3 bunks for sleeping. In addition, it has a massive fishing platform with a 150 gallon bait tank. And a in-deck slammer for maximum storage of fish which means we keep the fish at a freezing temperature of 32 degrees under the deck for a bigger platform to walk. Lastly, our boat is equipped with a stainless steel tuna tower which the captain drives from and the ideal place to look for our next opportunity at fish.

Another Happy Customer.

The vessel DeadEye with Captain Trevor hauls in another one.

12 Hours is All You Need!

Hop on and hold on, we can haul butt to the tuna grounds!

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sport fishing spots

Target Species

Arguably the best fighting fish for its weight, and they can get up to 300 pounds each!

Although smaller than the Bluefin, this ferocious fish puts up a fight you will not soon forget.

This is the big one. If you hook up on this you will be in the fight of your life. These fish way hundreds of pounds!

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Not technically a tuna, but in the same weight class, it is known for the best tasting sashimi on earth.

The colorful skin of this fish is iridescent!
It is also known for its high flying antics.

Growing quite large, a 40 lb. White Sea Bass will kick your... well... you know.

Departs from H and M Landing on Point Loma